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Bev Inc

Spirits Importer

United States


Bev Inc. is a California Distributor with access to the following: California is the 7th largest economy in the world 30,000 possible retailers, On and Off premise 38 million people (18 million legal to drink 21 years or older) Why California versus other US markets (US Population) 319 million California 38 million (18 million over 21 years of age) Alcohol sales in excess of $5 Billion Texas 26 million Florida 19.8 million New York 19.7 million Illinois 12 million In case you didn’t know! The larger distributors in the California market have no time to help small to medium size brands. Even if you get into one of them, they will tell you to supply your own sales people to build your brand and get orders for their company. The Solution: Bev Inc. Our Sales Team can build your brand in Bev Inc., until you are ready to move to a larger distributor, or if you’re in a large distributor, we can assist in getting you placements!

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