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A fierce ultra-premium vodka enriched with carefully chosen, high-quality cereal grains and crystal clear cold-water.

Lenark’s story begins with a rebellious woman, who defied a communist regime and distilled an excellent vodka in her garage. Distilleries in communist Poland were government-controlled, thus, limiting the access of quality vodka to those in power. Hence, what started as a small vodka production for family and friends soon gained popularity for its quality and characteristic. Even today, the small-batch production and the use of top-quality ingredients are what makes our vodka truly exceptional. Lenark vodka is a testament to the courage of a woman, who in testing times, distilled an exceptionally good vodka. To that, we say, Cheers!

Bieszczady Mountains-the source of our pride: Every drop of Lenark Vodka is carefully refined using maple fried charcoal, exclusively found in the sparsely inhabited Bieszczady Mountains.

Characteristics: Unparalleled Smoothness, Subtly Sweet, Velvety, Floral.

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Category: Wine Importer
Country: United States

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