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Liquid 2 Lip Brands

Spirits Importer

South Africa


We build BRANDS in a proactive, innovative and revolutionary way. Our focus is on sales out drivers in order to create long term brand and volume sustainability. As a directorship team, we have over 30 years combines industry knowledge, and an extensive network of local resellers, and retailers. Our focus is placed on Trade marketing and trade execution, distribution and increase brand visibility and exposure. Although volume is vital in our industry, the value and importance is placed on your brands, and the sales out drivers that will unlock additional commercial streams.

Liquid 2 Lip Brands, established in 2017, is an importer and distributor of premium alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Our sole objective is to enhance consumer choice by bringing ground breaking, innovative and award-winning brands from across the world to the South African market. Liquid 2 Lip Brands’ primary focus is on craft liquor distillers, where the brands are fresh, original and have unique identities. It is not only the brand or liquid that is important in our choice, but also the background, ingredients, personality as well as the culture of the brand. We have dedicated our time to build a portfolio of brands, that we as consumers will buy.

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