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Fábrica de Tequila Tlaquepaque

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Tequila producers since 1940 in 1,540 acres of own land in Ameca, Jalisco; with International success in USA & Chile.

We’re committed to the craftsmanship involved in tequila production. Each of our tequilas is produced with as much care and respect as it was in our beginnings. Casa Tequilera 100% mexican, we mantain the quality and authenticity in the art of making Tequila.

Our story began over 70 years ago with the establishment of Glorias de Tlaquepaque in the traditional neighborhood known as El Santuario. Founded by the Sanchez family, expert and passionate tequila producers. In 19090 the company reestablished itself under the name Fábrica de Tequila Tlaquepaque. Today Casa Tlaquepaque continues to build on the foundations of its long family tradition, remaining loyal to the techniques, values and passions of the family. The business is 100% Mexican and our team is expert in the artisanal techniques which guarantee the high quality and authentic taste of our tequila.

Medal winner at Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America and San Francisco World Spirits Competition and L.A. Crafts Spirits Awards. With 3 Brands: BooYa Premium, Senda Real and Tres Ríos: Silver, Reposado & Añejo. Made with Blue Weber Agave growing for 7-8 years in clayey, well-oxygenated volcanic soil, our agave is rich in honey and full of properties. We’re committed to the craftsmanship involved in tequila production: Slow rosting in natural stone ovens and fermentation in stainless steal tanks uncovered, and double distilled in copper stills, to achieve a subtle aroma of cooked agave and a fruity and fresh flavor with light bitter touches; and for our Reposado and Añejo Tequila: aging in white oak barrels, where it gets a strong wood flavor.

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