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M-Trex Traders Ltd

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M-Trex Trader has the solution for companies wishing to enter the Nigerian market as well as companies seeking to develop overseas customers and suppliers, our service include importation of the products putting them in the best customers in Nigeria, in their areas of action. We offer solutions for Nigerian companies wishing to expand their businesses abroad, our service will export products to putting them in the best customers in foreign markets. We are offering the market products targeted to the demand of each customer with a focus on excellence, which seeks to ensure optimal results, since the origin of goods to their final destination. Generate business growth, personally and professionally, adding values and preserving. Selling products and services with excellence and focus on customer needs are our mission. M-Trex vision is to being a world-class marketing products and services, working in an innovative and profitable. Our values are Ethics,Teamwork, Professional valuation, Entrepreneurship, Focus on results & Adaptability.

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