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CaAlco Distributors Corp.

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CaAlco Distributors Corp. is a Federal Canadian fully licensed company supplying premium alcoholic drinks from all over the world to the Canadian market. The company operates throughout the territory of Canada. The selected products are marked by prestigious awards and prizes at prestigious international competitions. Product selection is based on marketing potential, attractive appearance and competitive price, that is, the factors that determine its success in the Canadian market. Our company works in with the largest alcohol distribution networks in Canada. We take on the responsibility of introducing new products to the local markets, with the help of effective marketing and promotional tools.

Our Advantages: Carefully selected alcohol brands from all over the world that have received international recognition. Constant development of the assortment taking into account current market trends. Professional knowledge of the market as well as successful cooperation with LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario). Niche alcoholic products which have potential in the Canadian market are carefully selected. For example, kosher vodka, wines, liqueurs and brandy, which are popular in combination with kosher food and allowed according to the kosher diet. Individual Approach to building a strategy for promoting each brand. Team of professionals.

The founder of the company, Yuri Baranov has more than 20 years of unique managerial experience, including in the alcohol business in Canada. Caalco Distributors Corp. uses innovative approaches to the marketing strategy of introducing new products to the Canadian market. The company invests significant forces and resources in intellectual property and in the prospective business direction (e-commerce).

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