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since 1993 the publishing house has been producing specialized publications and has an experience of irreproachable work in the advertising market. 

To date, the media group "Publishers" N " includes the magazines DRINKS + , " KaBaRe / Shik " , as well as the newspaper MENU . 

Each of our publications has its own unique concept and distribution system, but there are general characteristics: 
- have a thematic specialization; 
- are international projects, because have information content and distribution to two countries - Ukraine and Russia, and take part in the leading European exhibitions; 
- addressed to the readership, which, as a consumer, determines a high level of income;
- the design of the magazines "KaBaRe / Shik" and DRINKS + are two blocks with columns that meet each other, which allows placing information intended for two target audiences; 
- magazines are distributed free of charge. 
Our specialized magazines KaBaRe / Shik , Drinks + and the newspaper MENU have a number of undeniable advantages that allow them to stand apart from the total number of press representatives.

The mass circulation, rare for Ukrainian publications and the system of free distribution, displays these advertising media beyond the definition of "press", allowing them to be viewed as a kind of outdoor advertising (when distributed from brand racks in wine boutiques, restaurants, airports, trade halls, international exhibitions, etc.). ), and as a tool for direct mail. 

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