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eProvenance has developed patented technology to monitor and analyze shipment conditions during transport and storage. Results are accessible via our comprehensive, secure online database. Conditions and geolocation of fine goods can be tracked for each case or pallet, or for an entire shipment. Our VinAssure blockchain solution is designed to help create a wine industry ecosystem to optimize results across the supply chain. Wineries produce their vintages with extraordinary care. Importers are highly selective about the wines included in their portfolio. Monitoring with eProvenance provides consistent data to assure wines have been shipped and stored under optimal conditions and facilitates feedback to channel partners when problems arise. Our proprietary, scientifically-based algorithm determines if wine is still fresh or if quality may have been compromised, not just whether inappropriate temperatures have been encountered; the resulting eProvenance score clearly tells you if the wine has been damaged. Monitoring helps enhance customer loyalty and strengthen brand differentiation by assuring your wines always taste as the winemaker intended. As a known, independent and respected resource in the world of wine, eProvenance can verify the provenance of wines during storage and transport.

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