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Cocktail Toppers was born when a veteran beauty industry marketing and product development consultant created her Ginger Mint flavored rimmer to compliment several copper Moscow Mule mugs given as Christmas gifts. The rimmer mix received such great reaction and the requests for refills lead her to the decision to market the beloved gift. As a foodie, cocktail connoisseur, lover of all things natural, an entrepreneur and trend expert, Cocktail Toppers were created. The initial launch consists of three of the most popular flavor profiles. The company has plans to expand the line with more flavors, holiday favorites and creative cocktail garnishes.

Cocktail Toppers™ introduces a line of all natural, gourmet cocktail rimmers, guaranteed to add fun and flavor to cocktails, mocktails, and food fare. Craft cocktails are all the rage. An exciting and hip cocktail culture has emerged globally. High-end restaurants and bars are offering artesian, hand-crafted, complex and pricey cocktails. Renowned mixologists and drinkstagrammers have tens of thousands and even millions of followers. Within this largely DIY market, classic cocktails, batch-made bitters, edible flowers, infusions, and flavored cocktail rimmers are trending immensely. These "crafted" or homemade ingredients are either too complicated, not available or too time consuming to create for the average consumer.

The convenient and thoughtfully curated blends provide a quick and easy solution to enhance any cocktail. Whether for a relaxing night at home, or hosting the perfect cocktail party, these rimmers will elevate cocktails, impress guests and make the cocktail and the host the star of the show. You may have seen a salt rimmer or two on the market. But, not like Cocktail Toppers. The Cocktail Toppers Difference: Cocktail Toppers blends are ALL NATURAL. There are no fillers, chemicals, artificial flavors, colors or dyes. This is hard to accomplish, since it is a product prone to moisture. Therefore, most products – even those claiming to be natural – add chemicals like maltodextrin. Cocktail Toppers flavors are VESTILE, not exclusionary. The thoughtfully crafted recipes work with MANY cocktails, not just one. For example, the Smokey Lime flavor is not just a Bloody Mary rimmer; the unique umami spice blend works with a host of cocktails, including Bloody Marys, Micheladas, Cheladas, Jalapeno Margaritas and even food creations like Chili, Scrambled Eggs and fresh fruit.

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