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The BOX-Ae-RATOR is the only wine aerator that aerates bottles and, for the first time ever, BOX Wine.

When pouring a glass of Box Wine, you need one hand to press the spigot and another to hold the glass, leaving no third hand to hold an aerator in between. The BOX-Ae-RATOR solves this problem by hanging an aerator directly from the nozzle. Many aerators exist, but none are so versatile, as the aerator can be removed from its carriage and be used to aerate bottled and canned wines as well. Box Wine has had increasing sales in the last ten years, and sold incredibly well during COVID, and for good reason. Whether it is camping, outdoor drinking, big parties or just hanging out at home, Box Wine makes perfect sense, with its cost, quality, and ecological packaging.

The Box Wine revolution is upon us. I am offering a product that pairs well with that revolution, and provides wine consumers an opportunity to improve upon Box (and bottled) Wine. The Box Wine sales trend will not only continue but increase, as people have now discovered a comfort COVID Box Wine they enjoy, for a single drink with dinner or after work. The Box-Ae-RATOR helps by improving upon every pour of aerated Box Wine (and bottled). Most varieties of Box Wine will benefit from some aeration, but aeration of tannic reds really makes a big difference. In fact, one could argue that aeration is even more beneficial for Box Wine than bottled wine, as the very preservation system that allows one to keep Box Wine free from oxygen, also means it will need “opening up” with each pour. This is THE Box Wine accessory, and people love wine accessories. They also love kitschy, fun gifts. But, most importantly, they will love how it improves their Box (and bottled) Wine.

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