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To develop its Sagardoa (craft apple wine), Kupela collaborates with Agustín Etxeberria, master cider maker in Astigarraga, the “Mecca” of the Basque cider. With him, they have developed their own range of products, infusing a new dynamic to the Basque elixir without ever betraying the traditions. The slow natural fermentation of the apple must transforms sugars into alcohol, in barrels called Kupela in Basque . The know-how of Agustín gives birth to a fresh and low-alcoholic beverages preserving the naturally sour aromas of Basque apples. Kupela offer five kind of products with different format: - Craft apple wine in 750ml, Craft cider 750ml, Basque cider 330ml, Semi-dry craft cider 750ml, and the apple juice 1L, 250ml.

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