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Protochol Beverage - Spiked Protein Drinks


United States


Born from just a few dudes in Erie, Pennsylvania who wondered: why doesn't spiked protein exist? We're changing that. The only thing we care about is creating a high octane drink for high octane people. Our drink is for the bravest of people who flaunt their savagery by drinking fearless brands like ours.

Protochol Beverage's spiked protein drink will be the first of it's kind on the market. The drink sits at 16 ounces with an 8% ABV and 11g of protein. Did anybody ask for a spiked protein drink? No, and Protochol Beverage fully embraces this in it's branding and promotions.

The drink is non-carbonated with three flavors, Orange County, Pineapple Pump, and Swoleberry. Theses flavors are not overwhelming when enjoying the drink, but strong enough to make you comment to your neighbor about how you didn't expect how good spiked protein was going to be. The idea for Protochol Beverage originated in the founders' parents basement years ago with a simple question - why the hell doesn't a spiked protein drink exist? This led to the three blending random ingredients until 3AM sometimes, trying to perfect the drink. When the decision was made to take this crazy idea to market the three founders located the best formulator in the nation to mimic their work, Flavorman, and the rest is history. Protochol is planning on hitting the market by August 2021 with their 3 SKUs.

Protein + Alcohol= Protochol. Pioneering spiked protein beverages.


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