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Food View is a Food Fellowship…A fellowship where we share a common ‘View’ on ‘Food’. Together we discover the finest produce New Zealand has given us. With open hearts and open minds, we learn about each other’s stories - the value’s of Farmer and Foodie. True to our roots as a young island nation, we seek new innovative ways of truly engaging consumers and producers. We look beyond historical marketing models of producer, exporter, importer, wholesaler, retailer and consumer, to connect with each other. We are building around a market that is personalizing, not generalizing. This is what we call Food View.

The traditional model of food supply starts with Production and is driven by volume and price. At Food View, we do exactly the opposite. We start with you - the Customer. We work with you to understand what you need, then we work backwards to find growers who suit your specific requirements. We are specialists, driven by aligning your unique requirements with the growers who can and want to meet them.

We deliver directly between New Zealand, China and the USA, avoiding delays & product depletion. We customize supply, so you get exactly what you want and when you want it, this enables forward planning for marketing to increase sales. We are experts in the design of on-trend packaging, tailored marketing, engaging social media content & in-store promotions.

At Food View, we are in-the-field in New Zealand, meeting growers, building relationships, discovering their produce and their passions and sourcing the products we know customer’s are looking for. We are also on-the-ground in China and the USA, meeting consumers, discovering their passions and desires, building relationships with retailers, training their staff and making sure your story is told.

We have local staff on the ground with full customer support, warehouses and logistical operations. Your Produce - Your Story - Your Market. This is the basis of the Food Fellowship.

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