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Company Profile Of Main company contact: Head office: 011 794 3454 Business Development Manager: Shaun Robbertse (061 993 9262) Managing Director: Sean Haupt (082 806 9499) 1. Business, Administrative & Contact Information a. Business name: Milestone Beverage cc b. Business type: Closed corporation c. Company registration number: 2002/076442/23 d. Tax reference number: 9141860149 e. VAT number: 4070243482 f. Tel: 011 794 3454 g. Cell: 082 806 9499 (Sean Haupt) h. Physical address: 128 Corner Vragboot and Vooraadskip, Laserpark, Honeydew i. Postal Address: Po Box 3534 Honeydew 2040 2. Introduction a. Company History Milestone Beverage cc is a family business which was founded and established in 2007 by Sean Haupt. b. What the company does Milestone Beverage cc manufactures warehouses and distributes non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. We have agents and branches countrywide being Gauteng, Cape Town, George and Durban. 3. Strategy a. Vision statement Driven by passion to be the most admired manufacturer and distributor in the industry and to be customer focused and dedicated to innovation, exemplary service, helpful product knowledge and social responsibility. b. Mission statement To provide our customers with the best alcoholic beverage values that they can find. We provide these with a dedication to the highest quality of customer satisfaction delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, and fun and company “spirit” c. Values i. Family - Keeping the core of a family business yet the professionalism of a Fortune 500 Company. ii. Entrepreneurialism – Encouraged with all employees and underprivileged customers. iii. Contribution – By all to product, service, customer and consumer. iv. Competition – Focus on been best in class. v. Teamwork – Within our organisation and externally with customer. d. Business goals & objectives Specific goals that the Milestone Beverage wants to achieve: We want to develop ourselves according to needs and wants of our customers. We want everyone to be our customers. Main and developed markets. We want to make a good environment for customers to attract them. We also want to increase our market shares. We want to increase our brand loyalty. e. Business strategy The general strategy of the company will be that of organic growth. This will be achieved by: i. Working with the Best Talents and the Best Knowledge ii. Going Against the Big Boys! iii. A Thrill for Adventure and Business Ventures Fuelled with Passion 4. Business concept a. Business concept Milestone Beverage cc manufactures, warehouses and distributes non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. We have agents and branches countrywide being Gauteng, Cape Town, George and Durban. b. Products Annexure ‘A’ c. Business competitiveness With Milestone Beverage cc been a family owned business we offer a quick turnaround time and change/accommodated to market trends quickly. We are open to collaborating to new business ideas and open to consider customised specifics for customers. (Based on minimum production runs). d. Quality policy & objectives As a family business that has been in the business for 8 years our quality is of the highest standard and under constant personal supervision of our MD. We consider our policy as diverse and not only focuses on the product itself but also on the customer, consumer, employees, and environment and service levels. e. Service pledge Being a family run company we are extremely flexible to our customers’ needs and requirements, hence in a case of Shoprite Checkers we propose to deliver direct to your distribution centres. f. Business model Milestone Beverage operates a Centralised business model g. Value chain 5. Management & Ownership a. Management structure See attachment ‘B’ b. Directors Sean Haupt c. Attorneys: VFV Attorneys 012 460 8704 d. Accountants: UA Business Services 012 342 2914 e. BEE & BEEE: Please see attachment ‘C’ 6. Current customers & projects a. Grand Bottlestore Frank 082 776 0088 b. Overland Kroonstad Josie 056 212 7313 c. Zio Liquor Katja 016 976 2782 d. Park Bottlestore Frank 016 933 1277 7. Attachments and supporting Documentation (available on request) a. Copy of detailed curriculum vitae or resume of partners, owners & management. b. Company/CC documents c. Tax clearance certificate from SARS. The P.A. Shop offers the service of applying for this for customers. d. Maps showing location. e. Any other relevant substantiating documentation. Thank you for taking the time to go through this business profile. If there are any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

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