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Our company is located in Tbilisi, Georgia and produce oak barrels and furniture from oak barrels. oak comes from France and USA... The small oak barrels (3.5 and 20-25 liters) comes with taps (Spanish ones) and stands. We also produce furniture from used oak barrels. You can see how nice they are and they look great at the restaurants, Villas or Wineries. We can make any kind of furniture by your wishes and/or pictures. Prices are negotiable and depend on quantities... You also can order to fill up these oak barrels (3.5 till 20 litre barrels) with great Georgian wine or brandy, etc and import to China or other places with it. We can discuss prices of that too. We can supply wine too (red, white, brandy). My goal is to establish contacts with your company and negotiate with each other about products we have on mutual beneficial basis. If you are interested I am ready to come to your factory (or we welcome you to Tbilisi, Georgia) and discuss possibilities of cooperation with you. With great respect, Shalva Bakradze (Professional winery Products, head of Sales Department )

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