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Nawon Beverage Company

Non Alcoholic Drinks Supplier



Nawon is premium beverage developer, manufacturer and supplier based in Vietnam. We continuously explorer into new categories of drinks. Beside the Fruit Juices.

With the advantages of tropical fruits plus all quality certificates, we ensure that our products are not only very taste but also very qualified. We not only makes our own beverages under Nawon brand but also provides OEM/ODM-manufactuer Private lable for worldwide brand owners. Nawon offers many kind of taste products as: Featured Tropical Fruit Juices, Coconut Water, Aloe Vera, Basil/ Chia Seed drink,.... with variety packaging size. With strong product R&D, creative packaging designs, massive production, strict quality control and aggressive sales efforts, Nawon quickly expand its business to more than 90 countries and territories in just 4 years.

With massive production capacity, Nawon not only makes its own beverages under different brand names for different market segments. Nawon also provides OEM/Co-manufacturing/Private labels for brand owners worldwide. We keep customers from all continents at the highest level of satisfaction, via free label designs, reasonable MOQ and fast delivery, while ensure the highest quality of drinks, according to international standards and manufacturing practice. Nawon logistic team works hard 24/7 to provide convenient shipping service to any port of the world at minimum costs, shortest routes and simplest customs clearance.

Our product range consists of - Non Alcoholic Beer, Coconut Water, Flovored Coconut Milk, Flavored Milk drink, Green Tea Drink, Vitamin Water, Aloe Vera Drinks, Coffee Drink, Energy drink, Fruit Juice Drinks, Noni Juice Drink, Seed Drinks and Sparkling Fruit Flovored water. All of those products are made with the only mindset: Drink Healthy and Save Our Planet.

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