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LionRock Spring Water

Non Alcoholic Drinks Supplier

United States


We provide private label solutions for organizations for fund-raising, branding opportunities, and events. For companies and local small businesses, we provide private label solutions for event give aways, events and any opportunity that helps your business build and spread its brand awarness. We provide bottled water in bulk and as custom private label. We represent several springs in the Poconos and Andirondacks. Our minimum order is 1 pallet . We also do sparkling, enhanced, and flavored spring water.

We work with local non profits supplying private label bottled water for their many walks, runs and rides. By providing water at a low cost, the majority of profit  goes to the non-profit or  pays for the free water given to participants. This allows the non-profit to ask the donors who previously supplied water free, to provide other needed items thereby lowering the cost of the event and generating more income for the mission of the organization. Those organizations interested in using the concept to create a brand that they can use not only at events but on premises in lieu of national brands in vending machines, snack bars or through other approaches such as: Order a case and pick up on a prearranged day.

LionRock Spring Water is a distributer of bottled water. We work with several springs and each has a distinct character. You decide you need a low alkaline water, we have a source for that. Conversely, you want a high akaline water, we have source springs for that too. You want a mineral spring water meaning it has a higher level of natural minerals than just plain spring water. There is a difference ! Not every spring water can claim to be mineral spring water in the state where the spring is located. Some states have very strict regulations on that difference. We do not blend water from different springs as many of the larger bottlers do. That means that the water in our private label bottles is exactly the same as what the analysis says it is. When a bottler blends water from several springs into a large tank before bottling, you do not know what the level of solids, minerals, alkalinity is in the bottle you are drinking.

Our bottles degrade in a landfill environment. They have an Enso additive which causes our Pet bottles to degrade over time take on average 9 months to 5 years depending on landfill conditions. We also add in the secret ingredient. Natural Spring Water from the Poconos in Pennsylvania. The combination is what we are selling ……..We stand behind and are very proud to bring this product to the forefront.

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Country: United States

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