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IVUSION Beverage Company, LLC

Non Alcoholic Drinks Supplier

United States


At IVUSION, we understand that hydration is key to health and wellbeing, even more so now in these uncertain times of COVID-19. But as we all know healthy products are costly, therefore making them not accessible for all. We wanted to break this barrier by making healthy hydration available and affordable. Therefore, instead of creating multiple lines of product, we dedicate ourselves to a single product that provides multiple functions. For instance, IVUSION cures hangovers, boosts energy and supports immunity. IVUSION Beverage Co. offers an ultra-premium functional hydration beverage that's formulated based on the concept of Intravenous Therapy (IV fluids). Each of the ingredients in IVUSION are purposeful and intentionally added for a specific function, such as replenishing lost fluids and vitamins, boosting energy, supporting immunity and supporting cardiovascular health, metabolizing alcohol, detoxifying liver, enhancing mental alertness, and even improving physical appearances. When compared to other functional hydration drinks on the market, IVUSION stands bold with its superior quality of ingredients. We were inspired by the recent growth in IV therapy, which got us thinking… why is it so expensive and time consuming? Additionally, we noticed that the current RTD hydration beverages lacked essential vitamins, minerals, and were filled with harmful ingredients. We made it our priority to revolutionize the beverage industry by applying the concept of IV therapy into a can. Our purpose: innovate a functional hydration beverage that is cost effective, time efficient, and appealing to taste buds. And so, IVUSION was born. Ultra-premium functional hydration beverage that’s packed with electrolytes, B-vitamins and optimal B12, 5-HTP, L-Tyrosine, anti-inflammatories and anti-nausea, and other essential vitamins and minerals. To make it even healthier, we opted for natural and preservative free ingredients. Each 12-oz can of IVUSION Hydration contains 11g of organic sugar, 12g of carbohydrates, only 60 calories, and zero caffeine. “We wanted IVUSION hydration to be transparent, convenient and cost effective, providing our health-conscious consumers healthier options in the wake of Covid-19” says IVUSION Beverage Company. According to IVUSIONBEVCO.COM, IVUSION Hydration is currently sold-out and will be back in stock on January 15th, 2021. IVUSION Hydration can be purchased on, Social Media and Selected Retailers. | @ivusionbevco

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