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H2O Sonoma Soft Seltzer

Non Alcoholic Drinks Supplier

United States


H2O Sonoma Soft Seltzer 0.0% is the world’s first sparkling water that tastes like wine, but has no alcohol. The World's First Wine-Infused Soft Seltzer without Alcohol.

Invented by a vintner and crafted by the legendary winemaker Robert Rex. Both friends realized that beyond their award-winning wines made in Sonoma, California, they craved an elegant, 0.0% alcohol, wine-flavored sparkling water they could drink anytime. These two friends who make and taste wines for a living wanted an alternative wine-themed beverage without the alcohol. Nothing existed, so they invented H2O Soft Seltzer with 0.0% alcohol, a mouthwatering wine-country-themed refreshment to enjoy while bicycling, working out, hanging with friends, or driving to your destination.

“When wine is the draw but alcohol is not the call, H2O is the protocol!"

H2O boasts healthful attributes: only 30-60 calories per serving (depending on the varietal); antioxidant vitamins C and B12; plus electrolytes, potassium and calcium - with no detectable sulfites, gluten, artificial flavors, added sugar, or artificial sweeteners. H2O is created with holistic health, well-being and conscious consumption in mind–launching a brand-new wine-infused category featuring 0.0% alcohol.

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