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Alabama Mineral Springs, LLC

Non Alcoholic Drinks Supplier

United States


Around the turn of the century, a shepherdess was searching for a lost golden lamb and found a natural artesian spring putting out clean, cold mineral rich water containing the golden minerals of manganese, and iron. The water is also high in calcium, magnesium, and host of other healing minerals. A resort was built and for years people came from all around the southeast to drink, bathe in and be healed by the mineral rich water at this artesian spring.

Diana Windsor, found land in the State of Alabama holding two free-flowing artesian springs with naturally occurring minerals suitable for bottling. Situated on 2 acres, with control of the surrounding 38 acres, the main well is easily accessible by well-kept county and state roads. With 23,000 gallons per day flowing the projected output is 37 Million 16.9 oz bottler per year. Start up bottling investment opportunity breaking ground in six months. Expect to be fully operational in May 2022.

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