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The Wine Press

Non Alcoholic Drinks Supplier

South Africa


The Wine Press was started to develop and meet a demand for complex non-alcoholic drinks. The initial brands known as Danesh and Eight Vines were developed over four years. Products created at The Wine Press are developed by breaking down the components and flavour characteristics of the most popular drinks available on the market in order to mimic the taste and character using grape, apple and pear juice concentrate and other natural flavours. The result is a healthy adult beverage with 0.0% alcohol that contains the same complexity found in other refined drinks. Currently, the Grape Press has developed the first known non-alcoholic drink to combine multiple flavour chains in a single product using cutting edge technology, a combination of unique ingredients which create complex flavours. This enables our beverages to develop through the course of a meal as the temperature of the beverage changes, something not found in the 0.0% market. Both ranges are healthy, low in sugar, low in calories and high in anti-oxidants. We believe with our certifications (South African Heart and Stroke Foundation and Certified Halaal (SANHA)) are testament to creating a healthy beverage to be enjoyed at any occasion. Today's global beverage market consists of traditional beverages as well as new and emerging beverage categories, providing more growth opportunities within the industry as a whole. New trends indicate that a move towards healthier lifestyles and informed consumers gives us an edge. According to the research, all signs point to an international industry full of steady growth in traditional beverages, highlighted by explosive growth and opportunity in the new and emerging categories, especially 0,0% alcoholic beverages. It is an exciting time to be a part of an innovative industry primed for prosperity.

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