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Fruvita D.o.o

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Fruvita production is located in the most famous fruit grown region in Serbia. Danube River and unprecedent hills of fertile land are reasons that have contributed to making and maintaining centuries old fruit growing tradition of Smederevo with highlight on far known fruit quality. Peach and apple are the best known fruit cultures, and in addition to this, the region is famous for its plum, cherry, apricot and pear production.

Founded in 2003., Fruvita was motivated by Serbian Geographical advantages and pristine potential of fertile lands that rose delicious untreated fruit and vegetables. As of its dedication to quality & innovation Fruvita rose very fast to become one of the most important non-alcoholic beverage producers in the region till today. While our HQ are in Serbian capital, Belgrade, our two leading production facilities are situated in the most famous fruit growing region in Serbia, Smederevo Grodska region. This is where Danube river and infinite gentle hills contributed to the centuries old fruit growing tradition and from where we are obtaining our main fruit products. Thanks to our unique location, Fruvita is in position to always processes fresh fruits and turns them into highest quality juices. Apart from its favorable location and vicinity to high quality raw material, we are relaying on highest modern technology to help us obtain 100% yield while extracting only the best out of best and allowing us to easily preform sterile filling with prolonged shelf life of our product , which is up to 270 days for apple juice and 210 for all other juices. Fruvita is certified in accordance with highest quality international standards (HACCP, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2005, FSSC 22000) and is constantly working on quality improvements and test innovation. The health and safety of Fruvita’s products is ensured by the everyday professional inspection and evaluation of final products, raw materials and packaging.

Our brands include: Fruvita Only Fruit & Nothing Else, Fruvita 100% Fruit and Nothing Else, HELLO! FRUIT REFRESHMENT and FRUIT VALLEY.

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