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Fluidi Corporation

Non Alcoholic Drinks Supplier



Fluid Corporation is a company for the production of carbonated and non-carbonated liquids which has been operating since 1994.


FLUIDI started its production in September 1994, in the beginning producing the “EXTRA” carbonated drinks on PET ambalage 1.5l, and successfully sold in the domestic market. Growing orders from customers FLUIDI has increased its capacity launching the most advanced technology from developed countries. So it was in 1997 FLUIDI lunched the line for producing clear non-carbonated drinks in aluminium ambalage 0.2l, also the technology for producing PET ambalage. Dispate the difficult conditions and high competition, FLUIDI has exceeded the quality standards and made a name for its consumers, increasing from day to day market. That the company FLUIDI is in the step with the time that best shows the sens of investment, which has resulted by investment in 2003 in the Line for the concentrated nectar juices on glass ambalage 200ml. That year, consumers had the opportunity to taste the “Jaffa Champion”, and the quality was welcome for domestic consumers, but also caused the interest of foreign consumers. So for very short time, Jaffa Champion” found in the Swiss market, where it is accepted very well. At the same time, Jaffa was placed in the markets of Macedonia and Albania, and recently it has in the European Union market in many countries (Germany, Austria, Sweden, Italy etc.), even in the United States of Amerika, but there will not stop, because Jaffa would soon be present in the markets of many countries outside our borders, only in Arab countries, the Middle and Far East. In the process of economic development and innovation, there was e peak of succsess, FLUIDI has obtaining the License from the american company “Royal Crown Cola International”, for producing RC Cola brend and other tastes of RC brends, with the right to distribute in more countries in the region. It is launched the latest technololgy for the production of these brands in PET bottles of 2, 1.5, 1 and 0.5 liters, the line for cans, energy drinks. The production process was launched modern reversibile osmosis system that is used for water treatment, which is one of the rarely in the region that they own.

In 2005 and 2006 year FLUIDI has been positively participated in the privatisation process in the country, where FLUIDI and their owners who bought “Metal VM” in Presevo, where after privatisation within these factories open gas station VM Oil. Below 2007 launched a Line for the production non-alcoholic drinks with fruit content in PET bottles 1.5 and 0.5 liters, more tastes, under the roof of our brand “Jaffa Champion” and it is now among the heads of products which are mostly exported to countries and regions of the Europian Union. FLUIDI has achieved to sertify during 2007 year HACCP and ISO9001:2000 standards. Actually FLUIDI implemented and sertified these quality standards: ISO 22000:2007 ATS, IFS standard and Hallall Standard. In 2010 year FLUIDI has invested two automatic Line for production of doypack drinks that are intended for export by the buyer from Netherlands. FLUIDI Company actually has two factories one in Presevo and one in Gnjilane, where there is a wide range for the production of non-alcoholic beverages, and in the last 2-3 years densed juices Purepack and Tetrapack ambalage capacity 2l, 1l, 0.25l. The company employers a total of FLUIDI in two factories over 230 employees, the employers are professional staff ranging from managers, economists, lawyers, technologists, laboratory technicians, mechanical engeniers, electro engeniers etc. Most recently, in late 2014 in the factory “Metal VM” is open to a modern shopping center “VM CENTER” with 6000m², the first in our town, a rare and region. Last year we started production of sunflower oil “FLOIL” 1l and 5l of at a new factory in Kosovo.

Our product range includes brands: Jaffa Champion, Rc Cola, Double Force, Red Rain, Ciao, Floil and Extra Fluidi.

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