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Go Water - Amplified Still / Sparkling / Flavoured Water

Non Alcoholic Drinks Supplier

Saudi Arabia


Wanting that extra boost but sick of coffee and energy drinks? Go Water is here to make life a bit more revitalised. 100% pure spring water straight from the mountains of Pennsylvania, Go Water is a first to market product in South Africa. Tastes of the most pure spring water you can find with no bitterness and no after taste. Same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee, but the electrolytes to rehydrate make Go Water a one of a kind product! Zero Calories, Zero Sugar, Zero Preservatives, Zero Guilt! Perfect for a summer's day when you need that extra boost or during a workout when you get sick of those nasty energy drinks, Go Water ticks all the boxes! Sparkling and extra boost coming end of 2017. Zero calorie, zero sugar, 50mg caffeine flavoured water available in 2018. Available @ select Spars, Clicks, Wellness Warehouse, and other convenient locations.

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