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Port It Export, Lda

Non Alcoholic Drinks Supplier



Port It Drinks is a young brand. As part of the Port It Group, we are characterized by our energy, willingness and ambition to go further and further. We aim to revolutionize the energy drink market. We support various sports through the Bear Up program, a sponsorship program designed to support various national and international sports and teams. Paintball, Rally, Kickbox, Downhill, Soccer, Futsal and Cycling are some of the sports we support.

The licensing program is another service we offer. Through the “Make Your Own”, we give brands the opportunity to develop their own energy drink. An opportunity for major sports brands such as soccer clubs or even events, nightclubs, among others. This program allows us to create a partnership between Port It and your brand. Port It Group is a force, an ambition! In addition to the energy drink, we have have several brands in very specific industries.


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