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Uzdrowisko Wysowa SA was founded in 1959 and has been dealing with the production of mineral waters since its inception. For over 30 years, we have been producing only mineral water in glass packaging. In 1992, we launched the production of water and beverages in PET bottles 1.5l and 0.5l and since 1995 we also offer 5l cartons.

The health and healing qualities of the Wysowa waters could be appreciated more widely in the 1880s, when their sales and production began. In 1887 about 16 thousand bottles were filled annually and this production volume continued until the end of the 19th century. Just before World War I, the spa gained European fame, and its waters were compared to those from the sources of the famous Italian Merano. Bottled water from the sources Józef, Olga, Rudolf, Bronisław and the most famous - Słony. The quality of Wysów waters was also appreciated at exhibitions. Two medals were awarded to them, one in Przemyśl in 1882 and the other in Kraków in 1900. After the First World War, the owners of Zakład Zdrojowy built a bottling plant - pump room, in which "Wysowianka" table water from the "Józef" spa was bottled, as well as the healing waters of Słony and Wacław.

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