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AF Industries sdn Bhd

Non Alcoholic Drinks Supplier



We are production & trading company with headquarter in Malaysia. Facilities located in Malaysia (1,200,000 liters of finished products per month) and in Uzbekistan (1,500,000 liters of finished products per month). Mains direction - contract manufacturing (OEM) under the private label/brand. Bottling into PET bottles and Soft pouches (flexible packaging). Access is possible onto local market (Malaysia) and neighboring countries (Singapore, China, Indonesia, Australia). Two options of cooperation offered: 1. Food & Beverage - trading. Local Malaysian market is highly-potential market for F&B. Certainly - it\'s a very specific market with its rules, the terms of trading, consumer’s mentality. Based in Malaysia - we have opportunity to open sales at neighboring Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia. Australia - also has the high potential (we already doing producing for this market). China, with the right approach - the volumes are expected to be the highest in our region. Contract manufacturing (OEM). We can produce the products (RTD) under client’s and/or your private label. The production capacity of the existing line is 1,200,000 liters per month. If necessary, can be increased. Filling in glass bottles or Tetra-Pak: in case of sufficiently high and consistent orders volumes, can be achieved by purchasing additional units. Raw materials can be sent directly from Iran, China, America, India and Europe to Malaysia. North Port Klang - main seaport, just 25 minutes drive from our factory. How can we attract, and make you interested: 1. Conformity and adherence to technology in the production process. There are not only local standards, but GOST as well. 2. Certified under ISO 22000 (includes HACCP, GMP and ISO 9001). 3. Certified under HALAL (a very important moment especially for the Asian and East countries). 4. Trading facilities: 16 local dealers (6 of them are the most active/aggressive). Covering all the states in Malaysia, including Sabah and Sarawak. In case of a positive decision for cooperation - we ready to increase the staff up to 20-30 agents (depending on the needs and the chosen marketing & sales strategy). Regarding the Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia - there is also possibilities to appoint a dealers and further hire the staff (local warehouse and office). Australia - already working. 5. Contract manufacturing (bottling under the name of the client). Here we offer you the above mentioned service - contract manufacturing. Available technologies: water purification system - seven steps (mechanical activated carbon and quartz sand, micro-filter 5 and 1 micron, reverse osmosis, ozone water treatment, ultraviolet disinfection). Cold, hot filling (stable temperature of 85 Celsius). All facilities including blending and bottling - PU coating floor, walls and ceiling partitions PU. There is a laboratory for on-site checking. Also attracted by the two laboratories (ALS Australian and local MyCO2). Hope this information will stimulate the interest to our service. Welcome to visit our humble production. Abduaziz Karimov (MD) AF Industries Sdn Bhd (AFZ group) Contract Manufacturing (OEM) Food & Beverage Processing from Consultancy to Ready product E-mail: Web-site: Web-site: Tel.: + 603 5519 5700 Fax: + 603 5523 3781 Skype: abduaziz.karimov Factory address: Lot 29, Jalan Lada Hitam 16/12, Section 16, 40200, Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

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