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PT. BEVERA GREEN INDONESIA has produced nata de coco beverage since 1998. With the full expansion in large cities in whole Indonesia, Cocona Nata de Coco is more well known and interested by Indonesian society in general and other country in particular. Along with whole market expansion from traditional market section to the growth of modern market, we are also expanding our marketing side to international market which we recently approach to Hongkong, South Korea, MIDDLE EAST market and some OTHER COUNTRIES. Cocona Nata de Coco has become beverage which has been interested since a long time ago. It is made from coconut water fermentation, Cocona Nata de Coco generally has white transparent color and is cut into cubes. Cocona Nata de Coco has Cocopandan, Lychee, Mango, and Honeydew flavors.

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