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BOS is an Organic Rooibos Ice Tea brand with roots in South Africa and also operating overseas in our primary markets of the Netherlands, Belgium, France and the US. BOS is positioned as the premium alternative to mainstream ice tea and attracts a shopper profile that drives value to the category. BOS appeals to people of all ages who have an optimistic outlook on life, an appreciation for great aesthetics, and a desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The magic ingredient of BOS, hand harvested organic rooibos, is naturally caffeine free, rich in anti-oxidants and delivers a natural sweet taste. BOS is available for retail as well as on premise outlets in a 250ml can, 500ml PET bottle, 1L PET bottle. Besides organic rooibos ice tea BOS also has other rooibos products: Organic Hot Rooibos Tea, Health Shots, Fruit Icy's.

Our product range includes: Rooibos Organic Ice Tea, Sparkling Unsweetend Rooibos Ice Tea & Organic Rooibos Tea.

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