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Royal Pack

Non Alcoholic Drinks Supplier



Royal Pack food manufacturing company specializes in the field of food production for a range of food products for the production of butter in all sizes, and with the continuous development of the company TEMPhas been producing juices, sauces, and jams of all kinds and sizes, and characterized the company by occupying a prestigious position achieved for its products export products in the markets of Egypt and the Gulf States, Middle East, Africa and Russia TEMPthanks to its continuous commitment to provide high quality products, safety and health, through its commitment to international standards and standards, and the application of ISO systems Make it a favorite brand both domestically and abroad.

Where the company offers high quality products that gain the satisfaction of the consumer, by acquiring the finest raw materials involved in the manufacture of the product, and storing them in conditions suitable for their nature until the final product, as the company seeks to establish its market position, and apply an integrated strategy in order to develop its products continuously through the recruitment and polarization of technical and professional staff specialized in the field (manufacturing) Marketing, sales, continuing their training wif all that is new, the company seeks to continuously expand through its industrial activity in the local and international markets and make its brand (Royal Pack) the best and safest brand for the consumer.

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