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Fentimans North America, Inc.

Non Alcoholic Drinks Supplier



Supplier of Botanically Brewed, Exquisitely Crafted Soft Drinks & Mixers Since 1905, based in British Columbia, Canada. Other countries where our products are available - Netherlands, Australia, Sweden, United States, England, Germany and Belgium.

FENTIMANS have been making the botanically brewed, exquisitely crafted drinks since 1905. Our award winning artisanal beverages use the finest natural ingredients and are made using our time-honored botanical brewing technique. It takes 7 days to make our drinks and the process hasn’t changed much in over one hundred years, with the knowledge and expertise being passed on from generation to generation of the Fentimans family. The range comprises of ten flavors of soft drinks and nine mixers, plus a selection of alcoholic beverages.

Fentimans have been making the finest exquisitely crafted, botanically brewed beverages since 1905. We are an original craft drink company owed by Eldon Robson, the great, great-grandson of the original Thomas Fentiman. Our award winning artisanal beverages are hand crafted using our time-honoured Botanical Brewing process. Our exquisitely crafted beverages are made with knowledge and expertise passed on from generation to generation of the Fentimans family. Over 100 years later, it still takes a full 7 days to make a Fentimans beverage. By sticking to the time-honoured Botanical Brewing technique, and with the use of natural ingredients, all our exquisitely crafted drinks have a superb depth of flavor, 3-dimensional mouthfeel and unsurpassed quality. Over the past decade, an ever-increasing number of people have discovered Fentimans drinks; consuming on their own or as a mixer with premium spirits.

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