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Hamsa-Getränke GmbH & Co.KG

Non Alcoholic Drinks Distributor



Hamsa-Getränke GmbH & Co.KG , founded in the year 1999. the company has created a buzz in the domestic and international markets owing to the quality it offers. under the leadership of eminent mentors, the company has grown by leaps and bounds.

We are supported by a team of qualified and dexterous employees who work on procurement, packaging and logistic arrangement. All the team members work in close coordination in order to efficiently meet the various needs of clients. Through their constant support and diligence, we have been able to meet the variegated needs of our clients with ease.


We are considered the leading supplier of red bull products. Our streamlined process allows us to singlehandedly manage the procurement, logistics, and packaging process for all our orders. With 20 years of experience backing us, we have an all-inclusive understanding of the domestic and international markets. We are familiar with how difficult it is to procure new and high-quality products, which is why we provide you a one-stop solution. Firmly settled on creating a unique experience, our red bull distribution channel works to offer you a wide variety of red bull flavors, in a timely manner. Our service value is suitable for new ventures and veterans of the industry, as our capacity allows us to deal with orders of any size. If looking to enter the wholesale energy drink industry, Hamsa Getranke GmbH & Co.KG can help you find the convenience and accessibility you seek.

Our Red Bull product range includes: Red Bull, Red Bull Blue Edition | Blueberry, Red Bull Cherry Edition | Wild Cherry, Red Bull Coconut Berry, Red Bull Lime Edition, Red Bull Lime Sugar Free, Red Bull Limon, Red Bull Orange Edition | Orange, Red Bull Orange Edition: Tangerine, Red Bull Peach-Nectarine, Red Bull Pear Sugar Free Crisp Pear, Red Bull Red Edition | Cranberry, Red Bull Sugar Free, Red Bull Sugar Free Purple Edition, Red Bull Summer Edition | Kiwi Twist, Red Bull Summer Edition Grapefruit Twist, Red Bull Summer Edition: Beach Breeze, Red Bull Summer Edition: Coconut Twist, Red Bull Summer Edition: Watermelon, Red Bull Total Zero, Red Bull Winter Edition | Plum Twist and Red Bull Yellow Edition | Tropical Fruit

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