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Hill Street Beverage Company Inc.

Non Alcoholic Drinks Distributor



Hill Street Beverage Co. is a leader in alcohol free and cannabis infused wine, beer, and cocktails, and is the producer of the award-winning Hill Street Craft Lager and Vin(Zero) wines. Hill Street BevCo owns Hill Avenue Cannabis Co, which is launching cannabis infused beverages in 2020, and a portfolio of cannabis products to follow. Our products provide those who cannot or choose not to consume Alcohol with a fun and delicious alternative to Alcohol. Hill Street Beverage Company is a beverage company that, through the sale of its products, generates donations to charity organizations. Award winning producer of alcohol free and cannabis infused wines and beers. Also produces a patented cannabis infusion technology that allows full spectrum cannabis oil to be infused in wine and beer with zero taste. Our product range consists of - Hill Street Craft Lager, Vin(Zero) wines and The Aficionado.

We believe in supporting folks who suffer from conditions that conflict with alcohol consumption, along with friends who simply have no interest in boozing (yes, we know you’re out there). Today there are over 400 medications that come with a bright yellow ‘DO NOT TAKE WITH ALCOHOL’ warning, and when those little pills are the only things keeping you around, you tend to listen.

So here we are, crafting award-winning, alcohol-free beverages for people like us; people who face life’s challenges with a half-cocked grin, who appreciate every one of life’s amazing little moments, and who still want to celebrate them with a glass of wine or an ice-cold beer in hand. To prove our commitment, we donate a healthy chunk of our profits to some of our favourite charities and medical foundations. Not some token, feel-better-about-ourselves amount, we’re talking over $1MM so far and still counting. So let’s stop reading about loveable, socially responsible businesses, buy some tasty bevvies, and keep that ticker rolling.

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