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Tinh Hoa Y Viet Co.LTD,




The origin and operation of Tinh Hoa Y Viet Co.LTD is in Viet Nam. Our goal in the alcoholic beverage production industry is to specialize in the creation Vietnamese traditional spirits/liquor. Our company has successfully developed Vietnamese traditional spirits by utilizing 70 different types of herbs. Several of our main ingredients include: Ginseng, Radix morindae officinalis, Chrysanthemum sinense Sabine, Herba Epimedii, and Herba Cistanches/Caulis Cistanchis. In addition our ingredients are aged with distilled rice for a 100 day period in a protected sealed environment. Our natural ingredients promote health especially for men. The objective of Tinh Hoa Y Viet Co.LTD is to maintain the concept of good health. The primary focus of our brews is to meet up to standards of natural medicine. We aim to provide a healthier way for people to enjoy the taste of spirits.

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