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Son Tinh Original Ruou




Sơn Tinh® Original Ruou is Vietnam’s only world-class artisanal spirit capturing the range of Vietnam’s flavours and fragrances. Hand-crafted from natural ingredients without artificial additives Sơn Tinh is a new category of spirits and liqueurs little known until now. Sơn Tinh started in the 90’s with the aim to preserve Vietnam’s tradition of sticky-rice based distillates and herbal and fruit macerated liqueurs, bringing Vietnam’s unique flavours to the world’s connoisseurs. This aspiration to excellence has been acknowledged at several international spirit competitions making Sơn Tinh Vietnam’s first and only internationally recognised and awarded liquor. This new spirit that can be used as an alternative to other aromatic clear spirits, as an ingredient for cocktails, as a digestive/aperitif, or as a refreshing long-drink with ice.

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