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Standard Spirit


United States


Distilling for over a decade in Brooklyn has shaped the unique and truly original craft spirits at Standard Spirit. We focus on every detail of our spirits. From the ground up we design, produce, and bottle our spirits in Brooklyn, NY using local NY rye and corn. Our Heart Cut Moonshine is not double or triple distilled and flat like vodka or harsh like other moonshines - but a full bodied and smooth grain forward spirit. And our Oak & Rye Wormwood Craft Absinthe focuses on the essence of absinthe - wormwood - which is what gives absinthe it’s one-of-a-kind feel and unique experience. Unlike traditional absinthe though, we single distill our wormwood spirit and oak age it to finish like a whiskey - no anise or licorice. It is meant to be drank straight without the fancy glass, water fountain, sugar, and spoon. We bottle the heart of whiskey and the feel of absinthe. This is the mark of craft distilling, giving you something you won't find anywhere else, redefining what spirits can be by setting a new standard.

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