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South Mountain Distilling Company


United States


All spirits are distilled and bottled at South Mountain Distilling Co. 1. Local North Carolina Distillery 2. Hand Crafted from grain to glass. We even malt our own grain. 3. Brand recognition: Attractive labels and design, all labels have the same look. 4. Premium products at a mid price point. 5. Targeted Advertising support. 6. Local country music singer (Chad Triplett) promoting South Mountain Distilling Co. products while on tour. 7. Name recognition South Mountains, Table Rock. People from all over the county and other countries know about these places. 8. Jasper Triplett local legend for making moonshine. 9. The Legend JB Rader from the hit tv show Moonshiners. 10. History: Distiller's in this region were a big part of North Carolina's heritage. During the Civil War distillers from this area were commissioned to make spirits for the war. Pre-Prohibition North Carolina had more distilleries than anywhere else in the county.

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