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Rude Bwoy Spirits


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Are you looking for a top shelf, world class, award winning spirit to add to your restaurant, bar, liquor store or club? Rude Bwoy Spirits offer Award Winning Ultra Premium Rum/Vodka - the Spirit of the Caribbean! Our products are (#1 seller) Rude Bwoy Coconut Rum, Rude Bwoy Irie White Rum, Rude Bwoy Irie Gold Rum and Rude Bwoy Vodka. Once you taste it, you will see.

Award winning at the 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition and the 2020 Bartenders Spirits Awards, Rude Bwoy Coconut Rum is blowing minds! Alongside three Rum offerings, Rude Bwoy Spirits was also awarded Silver for our Rude Bwoy Vodka. Rude Bwoy offers, Coconut Rum, White Rum, Gold Rum and Rude Bwoy Ultra Premium Sugar Cane Vodka. Based in West Palm Beach Florida, our Rum is one of the smoothest out there as it is made from our family recipe stemming from the old days of our family history in Jamaica. Sugar cane is what we know... and we know it well. Taste the Experience!

Having lived thru the roots reggae days of the 80’s and the Dancehall days in Jamaica of the 1990’s, the Rude Bwoy spirit bubbled into fruition and over the course of time the brand was born. Rude Bwoy Spirits begun being crafted in Tampa at a small distillery and over the next four years, the tastes and notes were (as they would say in Jamaica) “twisted and bent up” thru trial and error until the taste of the “Old Days” was in every drop. It was time for the world to see that Rude Bwoy Spirits was here and it was time for the brand to be taken nationally. From this passion to bring the world the best coconut rum, and specialized sugar cane vodka, as well as the smoothest white and gold rums, Island in a Bottle, LLC was created and operates today as the brand’s management, sales and marketing arm.

Taste the Experience for yourself.

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