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Glow Vodka by U4RIK


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U4RIK is BETTER and YOU will SELL MORE… We know there is stiff competition for shelf space, whether on premise or off premise, so allow me to explain what makes our vodka different and special. I created U4RIK after my wife became ill after a night of imbibing.  At the hospital, we learned she suffered from celiac disease which had caused her negative reaction. Her suffering inspired me to create a GLUTEN FREE, Sodium free, Zero Carbs vodka for her and at that time, I had been dabbling with champagne production.  One thing led to another and I was soon working on a vodka made from grapes.  After many trials and tribulations I settled on a blend of six Northern California Wine Grapes and U4RIK Vodka was born. Most know Vodka is made from Potatoes, would you rather have Potato JUICE or GRAPE JUICE ? Maybe more importantly, when speaking with the doctor about how the alcohol affected my wife and how they went about cleansing her, I became determined to make a spirit that contained less of the toxins naturally created by the distilling process (Congeners).  As I educated myself on distilling, I saw ways, through both chemistry and physics, to "clean" the vodka by pulling out the impurities.  What I discovered is in the fermentation process yeast creates these nasty congeners about 209 of them, some of these congeners are the biology of the hangover, our bodies doesn’t metabolize acetone, acetaldehyde, methanol, we go to great length to remove these impurities and ONCE you DRINK U4RIK you’ll agree. I call this path forensic toxicology, so if you ask me what makes U4RIK Vodka unique and so good, it's what we take out of the VODKA, not what we put in. You will SMELL the DIFFERENCE.  You can TASTE the DIFFERENCE, and though we may not be able to scream it across the airwaves, many people have told us you can actually feel the difference.  Most importantly for you and your buyers, our test marketing has shown that once people start drinking U4RIK, they enjoy it so much, they keep drinking it.  Our biggest problem has been getting consumers to take their first drink.  That's why I'm reaching out to you.  With placement, we have the opportunity to create market awareness.  And with market awareness, I'm confident U4RIK Vodka will have success. Of course, we recognize that placement alone does not equal awareness.  We believe U4RIK Vodka is well suited to higher end restaurants and restaurant chains, where consumers will both appreciate the quality of the vodka and ultimately be willing to pay a premium for it, though we are willing to be quite aggressive with pricing to gain entrance.  Once on the shelf, we envision a program of staff education to bring attention to U4RIK's unique qualities.  Since it's so smooth you can Drink it Straight, U4RIK Vodka definitively enables great cocktails which makes it a bartender's best friend and also should help gain menu placement.  I would say menu placement is our number one goal. GLOW by U4RIK… Beyond high end restaurants, we also feel that nightlife is a perfect fit for U4RIK Vodka.  Because it's so clean and easy to drink, with no burn, U4RIK Vodka is always the first to go at a party.  We believe, based on our initial experiences, that U4RIK Vodka can increase sales at bottle service because instead of leaving a bottle half full like other brands, many customers will actually order another, as long as they are drinking responsibly.   Similarly to our strategy at restaurants, we believe education, and possibly incentives, are ways to create brand awareness.  However, using science, we have also created a quality that creates awareness on its own.  We can make the vodka GLOW.  Using a proprietary blend of FDA approved ingredients, we have created the world's first vodka that glows under UV light.  Who needs sparklers when the liquid itself lights up?   We've attached a puck with UV LEDs to the bottom of each Glow bottle.  Push the button on the bottom and the bottle calls attention to itself, PERFECT FOR BOTTLE SERVICE. What's really cool is that in ambient UV light in most nights clubs world wide, the vodka will actually glow in the glass, and it's still the same great tasting U4RIK Vodka.  Club goers are always looking for an experience.  Our Glow vodka will give them an experience. One of the dirty little secrets of our industry is how much of everything is the same.  So many products come from the same places and are just labels and marketing.  Even the craft distillers are similar, using the same basic ingredients and same distilling techniques.  Our vodka is truly different.  Our base is unique and our process is proprietary.  From fermentation to filtration to distillation we strive to remove impurities and toxins and to create the purest, cleanest and smoothest spirits in the market.  With our Glow, we've created a product that no one else has - a true white space.  We may be small now but we have a plan in place to rapidly expand production.  We are confident we have outstanding products and we look forward to the opportunity to grow with you. I hope you have read enough to stimulate your interest and that I will be hearing from you TODAY. Rick Cardenas 619 994 2246

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