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After years of rave reviews of their moist, rum "infused" rum cakes from friends, family and strangers alike, the Browns decided to get into the cake business. Doc Brown Enterprises Inc. was founded by Lee "Doc" Brown and his wife Susan of 30 years. The two realized rather than promote the rum brand used in their cake, they would craft their own brand of rum that would maximize the flavor in their cakes, and offer a product of superior taste for all to enjoy. In 2014 work had begun with a distillery in South Florida, they crafted three rum formulas. Doc Brown's Really Bad Rum, dark, spiced and silver were born! They then used their Really Bad Rum to develop Really Bad Driftwood Smoked Barbecue Sauce, a sweet, mildly smoky-flavored sauce with a hint of Doc's signature rum flavor. The product line links old family recipes with new, meticulously crafted rums and rum recipes for rum connoisseurs to take their taste buds on an unforgettable journey. To set our products aside from all others besides taste and value, it's all about the name. "Really Bad" in today's society the public knows that bad can mean good. No other brand has indulged in this concept of marketing until now. The success of our brand is predicated on this knowledge of the people who are ready and willing to make a difference and contribute to the "Really Bad" brand. Based on our positive reviews which are a real crowd pleaser and the mad science presentation of Really Bad Rum, Rum Cakes, and BBQ Sauce marketing, we continue to drive our integrated marketing plan targeting the best opportunities to share the "Really Bad" brand with the world and beyond. A series of strategically targeted marketing launches using online ads, along with public relations, social media efforts will be an important part of our marketing plan. Our creative elements of each marketing tool are in the mix and are consistent with an upscale and cohesive "Really Bad" brand identity. Our goal is to drive awareness and interest in the brand as a whole and knowing there is no marketing strategy or advertising placement more effective than a personal testimonial, word of mouth endorsements by the public sharing their "Really Bad" memorable experience. Doc Brown’s Really Bad Rum was a big hit at the 2016 Miami Rum Festival, we made a huge impression with our exhibit/look and marketing blitz, according to the people selling the venders rum products at the show we were #2 in sales. We had great review from all that stopped by the exhibit. As a result I am in talks with a distribution companies from France, South Africa and Canada. We gained some great press and our social media has lit up. Here is a link that the Miami New Times wrote. Doc Brown's Really Bad Rum (Dark) At 80 proof, our flagship dark rum is an exquisitely smooth, handcrafted, artisan rum, perfect for sipping neat, or on the rocks. Masterfully blended, this rum has an exceptional flavor profile enhanced by distilling twice and aging in oak casks. Its velvety smooth taste, with rich aromas of muted oak and hints of vanilla, makes for a unique full-bodied rum. A smooth finish with spice and oak flavors will linger pleasantly, enriching the rich and flavorful experience for the mature palate. Doc reminds you to: Live United - Drink Responsibly Doc Brown's Really Bad "Spiced" Rum Branded "spiced" since that's just what it is! At 70 proof, our spiced rum is infused with traditional classic spices giving this rum its golden hue. Our spiced recipe has a smooth, warm-bodied heat, with hints of vanilla and peppercorn that are harmonized with a touch of honey which warm the palate. Doc Brown’s Really Bad Spiced Rum is intensely satisfying on the rocks, or is the perfect companion for your favorite tropical drinks and colas. Doc reminds you to: Live United - Drink Responsibly Doc Brown's Really Bad "Silver" Rum The little sister of our Really Bad rums, Silver is a very clean, light, dry-bodied old school classic spirit that was born to be what it is: just rum. Its moderate balance of heat delivers a premium, fresh, smooth, Caribbean cane flavor to cocktails, making this a perfect spirit for mixing. At 80 proof, and with a signature dry freshness, this handcrafted, artisan pure rum is ideal for punches, Tiki drinks, and elegant cocktails. Doc reminds you to: Live United - Drink Responsibly Doc Brown's Really Bad Rum Cakes Our savory moist rum cake topped with heart-healthy walnuts is an excellent choice for any occasion. The unique infusion of Doc Brown’s Really Bad Dark Rum brings this rich, "rummy" cake to life, and delivers with the gift of goodness in every delicious bite. Doc reminds you to: Live United - Enjoy Reasonably Doc Brown's Really Bad Driftwood Smoked Barbecue Sauce Take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey through the Golden Age of Piracy with the legendary Doc Brown! An unsurpassed, whimsical healer of the high seas, Doc’s ability to concoct a curative potion was rivaled only by his ability to create a feast out of the finest grub of land and sea. As he roasted a game fish or wild boar over a driftwood bonfire, he'd baste the meats with his "rummy” sauce mixture. Infused with Doc Brown’s Really Bad Rum and a drop of Doc’s secret ingredient, this handcrafted barbecue sauce adds a sweet and smoky taste of the good life as experienced by Doc and his mates long ago. Doc reminds you to: Live United - Enjoy Reasonably Doc Brown Enterprises Inc. PO Box 938 NUTTING LAKE MA 01865-9800 Phone # (617) 594-4220

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