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Dalton Distillers, LLC


United States


We are a small family owned and operated distillery where we use only locally sourced grains to produce all of our products. My Dad the Master Distiller is a Vietnam Veteran and is 76 years old. I am a retired Police Chief and serve as the CEO my Son helps with Social media. We make Moonshine that is 111 proof 55.5 % ABV and make a unique aged spirit that is distilled primarily from Malted Sunflower seeds. TazaRay is the name of the aged sunflower spirit we age for 2 years and bottle at 90 proof. We malt and mill all grains at the distillery. We started making a craft vodka base is 100 % Corn. We make Vodka and several attractive unique flavored vodka that is the best selling product out of the distillery. We take time and care into each ounce and make sure that all products passes the taste test. We are able to produce high volume of Vodka and most any flavored vodka that is bottled at 70 proof. We are ready to do private labeling and bottling for other companies and welcome any company that is interested in moving volume.

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