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Cachaca Sao Paulo


United States


Cachaca Sao Paulo is produced using the artisanal method of distillation called alambique. The Engenho Sao Paulo has been perfecting this traditional method since 1909. Our cachaca is produced from sugar cane grown and harvested at the engenho. The sugar cane is harvested by hand and trimmed, leaving the heart of the stalk. It is then washed and pressed to extract the juice. The juice undergoes a filtration process to extract any impurities before undergoing fermentation. The alambique method, unlike industrial methods of producing cachaca, is all natural using no chemical additives to speed up the fermentation process. The fermentation process takes about 24 hours to complete. Cachaca Sao Paulo is distilled in copper still pots which preserve the aroma and taste of the sugar cane. After distillation the cachaca is placed in wooden barrels where it ages for at least 4 months. The result of this process is a pure premium cachaca with a smooth natural flavor.

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