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Southwestern Distillery


United Kingdom


As a fully-independent, family-run business, we at Southwestern Distillery like to celebrate the fact that we do things a little bit differently. Established in 2012 by founder and self-taught Master Distiller, Tarquin Leadbetter, back when he was merely 23 years old, Tarquin’s Cornish Gin is Cornwall’s first gin in over 100 years. Nestled on a windswept hilltop overlooking the Wild Cornish Coast, we proudly champion a combination of the authentically traditional and the progressively modern. At the heart of the distilling process lie Tarquin’s three 250 litre hand-beaten copper pot stills –Tamara, Senara & Tressa. They‘re all fired by flame and sealed at the joints with bread dough. The newest addition to the distillery is Ferarra – a state of the art, one-of-a-kind 500 litre copper still. Together, Tarquin uses them to create his internationally award-winning spirits (including “World’s Best Gin” at the 2017 San Francisco World Spirits Awards, for his Tarquin’s “The seadog” Navy Gin 57% abv). At every stage of the distillation process Tarquin meticulously monitors every variable; tweaking, nosing and tasting as he goes. We genuinely believe in the importance of human touch to maximise quality. Post distillation, every single one of our bottles that leaves the distillery has been filled, labelled, waxed, stamped and signed by hand. On the side of every single bottle you’ll see a batch number, signature and batch tasting notes. When we say: ‘Handcrafted in Cornwall’ – we really do mean it.

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