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Second Son Distillery Ltd


United Kingdom


Second Son Cheshire Gin is a modern twist on a classic recipe and made in the smallest licensed distillery in the UK, Distilled the edge of Delamere Forest in Cheshire by John and Anna.

Second Son Gin makes an amazing Gin & Tonic, and mixes into a fantastic Negroni and is lovely on the rocks. Distilled from a grain and with a mixture of 12 different botanicals, Juniper from the Balkans, Spanish lemon peel and Cardamom seeds from Guatemala,  Mixed to a unique recipe, distilled in copper pots and bottled by hand. We take out time to make our gin so you can enjoy all the flavor.

Established in 2016, Second Son Distillery is currently the smallest licensed distillery in the UK. Having watched far to many hours of Moonshiners, John a pub landlord at the time decided he wanted to distil his own spirit. With the rising popularity of Gin in the UK and Johns particular liking for it, it only made sense to begin with distilling a classic London Dry Gin. He enlisted the help Anna who's graphic design background and Gin tasting expertise helped to create the perfect team. 

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