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United Kingdom


Gin Redefined. A premium collection of tea-infused gins creating a unique range of flavours.

GTEA Gin is a distinctive range of tea-infused gins with over seven different flavours in the brand. Our unique selling point is that our gins are infused with the finest quality tea blends which delivers a refreshing and unparalleled taste. Our aim at GTEA Gin is to produce a high-quality craft gin which will leave a long-lasting impression with our customers. We pride ourselves on excellence and creativity which goes into each bottle of gin. Gin Redefined isn't just our slogan, it's our mission.

Our journey began on a warm summer’s afternoon, when we stumbled across the idea of infusing a simple fruit tea with distilled gin. Following the positive reviews amongst our friends and families, we then decided to develop the experiment into a global business. We spent the next several months researching blends and recipes which would pair well together with gin. Finally, after all the hard work we are proud to introduce a distinct range of tea-infused gins into the craft gin market.

Our Gin: Our gin recipe is prepared with three main components; honeyed juniper, dried citrus peels and dusty angelica roots. Along with the other vital botanicals, the gin is distilled using a traditional process creating a complex base gin with a light balance of herbs and spice.

The Tea Blends: Each of our tea blends is carefully sourced with the finest ingredients. The mixture of rich tea leaves and variant fruit pieces produces a key element for our product and ensures that each bottle of gin reflects the flavour it boasts.

Infusion: Once the key elements are ready, they are both infused together using our secret method …shhh

Our product range includes gin: Black Tea and Wild Cherry gin, Sencha Tea-Pineapple and Coconut gin, Sencha Tea-Passion Fruit and Orange gin, Sencha Tea and Summer Fruit gin, Sencha Tea-Strawberries and Cream gin, Sencha Tea-Apricot and Peach gin, London Dry Gin.

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