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LISCH vodka was founded in 2016 by the Rundkvist family in a small town called Lidköping. We wanted to create something that captured the unique feel of our city in a bottle and serve it as vodka. After many ifs and buts, we had finally arrived at our perfect vodka - and we named it LISCH.

At the heart of the little Swedish community of Lidköping we find LischVodka, created with wheat from the local farmers and the water of Råda spring. An immensely beautiful natural spring created by the sands and stones of the Råda-ridge. This clean nourishing water and closeness to the farmer has been the reality for us locals over hundreds of years, shaping our life in to the the creation of the society that we know and love today. This water and closeness to the farmer is part of our identity, our heritage and it is what we use in our vodka. This is the LischVodka and it can’t be copied!

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