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Tqila is a small independent Ultra Premium Tequila brand located in the far frozen north in a small country called Estonia (a land of vodka and polar bears). All our tequilas are 100% pure agave and are made and bottled at our distillery in the city of Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico. We are a brand with an edge, and a big part of our identity is doing fun, badass events promoting our Tequilas all over Europe. We have designed and made our own portable shot and cocktail bar and have our own in-house Tqila crew that consists of bartenders and entertainers to make sure these events create an exceptional experience. One of our products is Tqilakaze AKA Tequila Suicide. It’s the first ever “shot in a box”. It consists of all the components you need to take this infamous shot, all packed in a gift box. The Tequila we use for this shot is our own premium 100% agave Tequila, Tqilakaze Blanco and together with all other items in the box it creates a high-quality gift set that can be reused.

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