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Bursary Spirits


South Africa


Bursary Spirits developed from the knowledge that, through education, innovative and creative growth opportunities can be unlocked. Using our alcohol industry knowledge we have brought many experts together to create locally crafted, high-quality alcohol products to sell and then use these profits towards funding bursaries at the Cape Wine and Spirit Academy. We aim to constantly offer these to specifically nominated individuals and see them through the first front of house course to becoming wine and spirits masters. Some key traits of the brand include: Partnering with established local suppliers & retailers to help grow SA businesses, sense checking trends and taste with alcohol industry professionals to ensure product quality & demand, leveraging industry knowledge, connections and experience to develop a professional marketing and sales plan, eliminating education exclusivity by brands & allowing creativity to flow for those selected. Our vision of success is seeing those who receive the bursaries open their own bars or restaurants, develop new ways of making alcohol, launch their own brands, teach those around them, collaborate across the trade to develop something new and exciting, be offered further studies locally & globally through apprenticeship – all without hindrance and a sense of having to pay it back.

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