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GAS Familia s.r.o.


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GAS Familia s.r.o. - was founded in 1994 in old town Stara Lubovna at The High Tatras region. Today we are the second largest producer of alcoholic beverages in Slovak Republic (Slovakia). A modern and rapidly growing Slovakian company focused on production and bottling of high-quality alcoholic beverages, whisky, juices and vinegar. At present our company exports products to more than 25 countries around the world. We are always trying to fulfill all the requirements of our customers and offer a range of our products, as well as to develop private labels for the customer. Our production includes: - 96.5% pure grain spirit; - Vodka; - Whisky; - Fruit distillates; - 100% cold-pressed natural juices, (more than 10 sorts); - Vinegar (apple, wine, spirit); - De-icing liquid (windshield washer), industrial (technical) alcohol, distilled water, alcohol for fireplaces 100% natural product. - Also, we have started production of baby food (100% fruit and vegetable purees). Among the most successful and popular brands are: the range of «GORAL» products, «GORAL VODKA MASTER» and «SPIŠ ORIGINAL» as well as «FRUXI» juices. Each year high quality of these brands winning numerous awards and gold medals at exhibitions all over the world: • UNITED VODKA 2011, Cannes, France - In a competition with more than 700 tested alcoholic beverages from around the world Goral Vodka MASTER won two gold medals. • PRODEXPO 2011, Moscow, Russia - Gold medal in the competition among the best vodkas. • DANUBIUS GASTRO, Bratislava, Slovakia 2006-2016 • Drink Expo, St. Petersburg, Russia - Gold Medal at the International Exhibition of Drink Expo, which was attended by more than 200 vodkas. • DRINK EXPO GRAND PRIX, Saint-Petersburg, Russia - Gold medal in the competition among the best vodkas. • BTI, Chicago, USA - Silver Medal in the prestigious international competition. • UNITED VODKA, Brussels, Belgium - The silver medal was awarded to the United Vodka Festival, which was attended by more than 600 vodkas. Visit our websites:

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