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Hajduk Spirit




The Distilling is done slowly over 6 hours in our custom built 300 litre Barbut copper still with only the finest cut above 80% abv being collected prior to cutting the spirit with ultra pure water to drinking strength at 44% abv. This is a distilled London Dry Gin at its finest. Small Batch individually numbered and hand bottled on-site at the Hajduk Distillery. The Distillery is located on the outskirts of the town of Kraljevo, Central Serbia. Close to the historic Žiča monastery where 7 Serbian Kings of old were crowned. After 25 years living in Sydney Australia, the founder of Hajduk (Hai-dook) Distillery, Marko Srdanov returned to his family estate near the town of Kraljevo, Serbia. Following in the footsteps of his great grandfathers he founded the Hajduk Distillery on the estate they had worked and lived on since 1795. ​The distillery is focused on small batch releases with a focus on premium products made from the highest quality ingredients. The distillery is the first to release a premium craft Gin in the country.

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